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Mirage is a system of frameless windows that create a real optical illusion, a mirage, in which the inside and the outside of a building merge with the surrounding environment.

Their glass is strong, safe and guarantees thermic/acoustic insulation.


Thanks to its frameless design Mirage celebrates the pure beauty of glass, which provides light and life to a building’s interior.

Minimal design

Mirage is a clean system, simple and lacking unnecessary elements. The only true protagonist is glass, which offers an unprecedented clarity of image and design.


Externally, along all the system, ‘coplanarity’ is the keyword. The glass surface is distributed on one ‘level’: sash, frame, handle, door lock; everything is aligned.

First-class quality

Opaque and embossed painting for major resistance to scratches, accessories, stainless steel door locks and hinges, extra-clear tempered glass with polish… and this is only the beginning!

No maintenance

Its unique combination of pristine glass and stainless steel allows you to bypass any kind of maintenance work other than simple cleaning.


Self-lubricating pivot hinges, shutters bearing up to 300 kg, cylinders with radial pins in tempered steel, enamelled or digitally printed glass. These are only some of the technical solutions offered.


Next to its beauty.. Mirage is ‘the’ all-glass modular system offering the highest performance on the market, with Ug values up to 0,5 W /m²K and Uf values up to 1.15 W /m²K.


Compose your ideal glass wall. Start from point A and arrive to point B inserting fixed-casement, fixed-pivot or fixed-sliding as you prefer, with everything aligned and pre-studied ‘connections’.

Technical specifications
Maximum dimensions Project related
Variations Fixed, casement, pivot, sliding
Default lock Acciaio inox RC2 (casement and pivot)
Lock cylinder 22 radial pins in hardened steel (casement and pivot)
Double glazing 42 - 61 mm
Hardware Up to 500kg hidden / stainless steel
Technique Extraclear / milling / tempering / Heat Soak Test / stratification / Enamelling / serigraphy / Digital print
U frame Up to 1,15 W /m²K
U glass Up to 0,5 W /m²K
Rw glass From 42 dB
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