The front door with Italian design, German technologies, superior energy class.

The front door with Italian design, German technologies, superior energy class.

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Arx represents the successful marriage of two traditions which have developed in time: the seductive beauty of Italian design and the functionality of German technology. It is the ideal entrance door for who is looking for a smart object, original and essential.

Exclusive Design

Functional, elegant, original. These are the 3 characteristics that determine Arx’s design and give life to its most important components, like its exclusive coplanar door handles.


Thanks to the hinges with a capacity up to 200kg and to the engineering of the door, Arx can achieve a single opening that measures up to 1300x2700 mm.


From wood to metal, from concrete to lacquer finishes: Arx and its components can be customized with any of the multiple finishing touches available.


Its exceptional weather-proof sealing performance is possible thanks to a wise combination of materials and to its 100 mm wide thickness.


The best of Swiss precision: the incredible technology of 22 hardened steel hinge pins arranged in 4 symmetric rows grants 1 million operational cycles, as well as a protection against the most advanced door-breaking techniques.


Its duplication is possible only with the “matrix” card containing the duplication codes. With Arx you have a guarantee that your key is unique in the world.

Door lock

It is built in stainless steel, with revolutionary hooks that automatically lock when the door is closed; it is therefore impossible to forget to lock the door.


Arx is at the frontline in selecting advanced optional systems such as: smart door locks with touchscreen, fingerprint readers, transponders or even smartphone apps with access control!

Specifiche tecniche:

Maximum dimensions

1300 x 2700 mm external frame / Single opening


100 x 84 mm

Default door leaf

"Sandwich" panel thickness 100 mm

Default Hardware

200kg hidden

Default lock

Stainless steel RC2 hooks with automatic exit

Default lock cylinder

22 radial pins in hardened steel

U door

Up to 0,69 W/m²K

U frame

Up to 1,10 W /m²K

U panel

0,40 W /m²K

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