100% wood, contemporary design and top-notch performance.

100% wood, contemporary design and top-notch performance.

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Gaia is the perfect window for lovers of wood and ecology! Its warm and natural beauty originates from the aesthetic and practical qualities of a solid, pure, insulating and eco-friendly material. Wood is the main protagonist in this eternal design.


One of wood's most surprising qualities is its capacity to be modelled “freely”. While harder materials comprise several structural limits, wood gives the freedom to create more complex architectonic forms.


Thanks to extremely high-quality varnishes, which are completely non-toxic and highly resistant, you can enjoy a wide choice of colours and finishes. Wood may be vibrantly personalized with weather-resistant finishes.

Energy class

Gaia is by definition “the” environmentally friendly window and door. Thanks to many years of experience within this industry we have secured a lot of knowledge, materials and techniques, which help us obtain the best certifications in terms of performance.


A great design is the product of the skilful union between functionality and style: the absence of internal glazing beads and the presence of other extremely effective features result in a reliable product with great aesthetic value.

Specifiche tecniche:

Window node

113 x 113 mm


92 x 80 mm

Windows door

92 x 74 mm

Double glazing

42 - 52 mm


150kg on sight

U window

Up to 0.71 W /m²K

U frame

Up to 1.15 W /m²K

U glass

Up to 0,5 W /m²K

Rw glass

From 42dB

Wind resistance


Water resistance


Wind load


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