Products: Mistica, Arx
Project By: Architect Filippo Ferrarese
Media By: MOBA Digital Studio

A balanced and functional ratio between interior and exterior spaces, shadow and light, transparency and intimacy, is at the root of the planimetric layout of LNR’s single house.

The residence has an optimal exposure to sunlight and an intimate and welcoming outdoor space thanks to its semi-courtyard that faces the south east. Its interior is highly energy-efficient as a result of using brick walls with both internal and external solid wall insulation. To complete the work we have installed insulating triple-glazed doors & windows from our Mistica collection, the ideal design to match the contemporary style of this house, with its glass panels of 0,5 W/(m²k) Ug value.

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Transparencies that blend into interior and exterior spaces:

• Installation of doors & windows internally flush-to-wall and externally glass-to-glass.

• Wide sliding patio door on tracks set flush to the floor, connected to the entrance door (Arx collection).

• In the main bedroom there is a cantilevered bay window (flush with the external solid wall insulation).