Products: Mistica, Arx
Project By: Engineer Paolo Ongaretto, Engineer Giorgio Marin
Media By: MOBA Digital Studio

The single villa PSQ, next to a public park, is developed on two levels with spaces to match the needs of a family of four. It’s encircled by an adequate garden.

Its particular “cubic” design characterizes the villa with skilful juxtapositions of shapes and volumes, which diffuse a playful and dynamic energy. Within the villa’s walls reins a contemporary minimalism, accentuated by doors & windows installed flush to the internal wall for a clean and linear look. Also the blackout blinds aim at the same effect. In fact, when not used, they neatly disappear in a tailor-made niche.

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Custom-made” doors & windows with precious details

• The chosen entrance door, Arx “custom”, offers many advantages. In addition to its coplanar design with concealed hinges (characteristic of the entire Arx collection), the door has been customized externally with fine panels of antique spruce. The “lived” wood creates a strong contrast with the aluminium door handle.

• For the sliding patio door of the living room, from our Mistica collection, we have developed a finishing made of concrete that extends onto the surrounding wall. This creates a modern and dynamic visual effect.