Stone Island Flagship Store New York

Products: Bespoke luxury glazing.
Project By: March Buhre, Zeichenweg TM studio, Architetto Chiara Negri
Media By: Tommaso Sacconi

The Stone Island Flagship Store is located in a classic historical New York building erected in 1910, in the typical style of Lower Manhattan. Its façade is made in cast iron, with ample windows facing the road.

It has been built on a wide surface of 320 m², on which the well-known designer Marc Buhre has created this spacious and elegant boutique. He has merged interesting and modern elements, which have a strong visual impact, with architectonic details characteristic of this part of New York, like the distinctive columns.

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Playful windows with vibrant details and modern technology:

• The internal, custom-made glass walls are frameless, floor-to-ceiling and more than 3 meters high (12 feet high).

• The glass is of a particular green colour obtained by applying PVB Vanceva between two glass panels.

• Use of tempered and laminated glass.

• The glass panels are decorated with a pleasant digital print featuring a diamond pattern.