Products: Mirage, Mistica
Project By: Roberto Pamio + Partners
Media By: MOBA Digital Studio

A small renovation with expansion of the living space of an existing family house has become a little gem, which we are very proud of.

The expansion has been carried out to increase the space in the living area, improving also the quality of the light thanks to a large window with sliding glass that disappears into the wall. While this family house is not very new, the aesthetic features of our remodelling work are both practical and up to date.

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Ingenious glass walls that attract light:

• Creation of an insulating glass-to-glass wall with acoustic PVB interlayer (to reduce the sound of traffic) and anti-vandal glazing.

• Installation of motorized filter blinds integrated in the glass door.

• Manufacturing of a disappearing sliding glass door (it slides inside the wall thanks to a custom-made structure).