Products: Mistica, Arx
Project By: Ank Architects, Architect Devis Rampazzo
Media By: Luca Casonato, MOBA Digital Studio

This multi-level seaside villa is characterized by the neat accuracy of a linear, contemporary architecture.

Structured on 4 levels (basement, ground floor, first and second floor), all provided with spacious and well defined living areas, the residence offers a comfortable lifestyle to a numerous family. Its rigorous shapes, characterized by white and grey colour tones, are further accentuated by doors & windows from our Mistica collection, with external profiles in black aluminium. The refined, avant-garde design of the doors & windows harmoniously blends in with the villa’s look, while offering the very best security standards.

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Beauty and resistance united in a “Mistica” experience:

• Creation of a tailor-made niche to accommodate practical and elegant “mid-wall” doors & windows, with external blackout blinds and internal filter blinds.

• Doors & windows are provided with glass panels that are extremely resistant to break-ins and burglary.

• Installation of a sliding patio door embellished with a glass-to-glass corner, connected to the entrance door thanks to a particular coplanar wooden wall.